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“The warmth, love and spirit when you walk through the door is indeed contagious – it’s God. I am not only filled with calories :-)….I’m filled with the Spirit as I sit in this place.”

“We love the Sunshine Delight cake. Thank you for your heart!” – The Purdie Family
“Lovely atmosphere and wonderful goodies!” – Ms. Addo

“Wonderful cakes and space.” – Ms. Z
“All I can say is WOW – this place is anointed.” – Miz Essie
“Your wonderful smile matches your terrific cakes. Thank you for utilizing the gift God has given you.” – Ms Angela
“You have created such a special place…soothing to the soul.”  – Ms. Dixon
“The Pistachio Nut cake was RIGHTEOUS!” – Daye, actor
“What a wonderful groom’s cake! We has so many compliments. The decorations were perfect and the taste heavenly.” – Ms. Helms
“All of your desserts are delicious. Heart 2 Heart is a place to relax and read.” – Ms. Russell
“Great time in the Lord…for a bridal shower or just a cup of coffee and fellowship.” – Ms. McGray
“What a wonderful place to celebrate my upcoming wedding and hold my bridal shower. Absolutely perfect!” – Ms. Roberts
“This is one of the best bakeries I have been to. Cinnamon muffin..Yummm!!” – Ms. Holder